Questions about Smart Serve in Ontario?

How do I get it?

How long does it take?

Does it cost anything/how much?

Anything else I should know?

5 Answers

  • Well as a former chef who took it along with the out of date SuperHost program, first how, it is available from Health Board's or Community colleges through out Ontario, How long, It takes 1-2 days of class room work then you write a short test and they give you certificate and card for your purse or wallet, Cost, it is between $60-80 depending on the place giving it.

    Not much more I don't want your exact address but the city would help were the nearest place to get the training would be helpful.

  • Smart Serve Ontario Cost

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    it does not matter whoever is serving bar or table is certainly responsible

  • google-ing things makes life so much easier. instead of typing out the question and waiting for no one to answer, you could easily have googled "smart serve"...and tada. answers at your finger tips. so i give you the smart serve website.

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