Quick fix for stripped windshield wiper arm.?

Just wondering if there is a quick fix to repair a stripped spline on a windshield wiper arm. I can't get a new one delivered till Monday, and i'm hitting the highway today.

I live in a small isolated town. Can't get to a place that would have wiper arms. And yeah it's a quick fix for a 2 hour drive. Where I'm going will have the arms, so I only need it to work for about 2 hours, and only when I need to wash the windshield. It's sunny out.

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  • Don't know why some nut gave steve a thumbs down! Aluminum foil has fixed a many posts for me!

    If you have an arm that is held on by a nut, I have many times placed it into position, then drill a 1/16th inch hole down into both the arm and shaft. Then use a pin in the hole, flush wit or lower than the top surface of the arm, then the nut. That is a permanent fix yet is still remove able.

  • Gm vehicle have a break away feature. Its intended use is if the wipers are frozen to the windshield and you turn on the wipers it wont burn up the wiper motor or break the linkage. Often times they will disenɡɑɡe on their own. Try moving the wiper back and forth by hand and see if it locks back in. If that does not fix it, the linkage has likely popped loose and you will have to remove the cowl in order to either put the linkage back together or tighten the nut on the end of the wiper linkage at the wiper motor where it is slipping. These are the most common wiper linkage problems on your model

  • here,s a quick fix but it will mess up the wiper arm but you will be able to use your wipers. you will have to get another wiper arm. just set the wiper arm down on, drill a small hole through the wiper arm into the shaft, put a screw through it. that should work until you get the new shaft.

  • Sorry there really isn't a quick fix for that that wouldn't be temporary. If you have to have your wiper arm today you could use Epoxy or J B weld but it will BE PERMANENT!!!!!! So that is last resort.

  • You could try superglue. I've used that for a rear wiper fix and it worked fine until I replaced it. I assume you mean that the rubber that touches the window is coming off of the rubber that holds it to the arm.

  • go to parts store see if they carry steel putty . two part putty mix together apply will harden like steel. draw back is when you do go to replace it will be very hard to remove off part. i;ve use this myself to fix gas pedal rod

  • glue it maybe might try switching with other side could try a wrap of tape over spline might hold some

  • You can got to Auto Zone or Advanced auto part and get another one TODAY.

  • aluminum foil will help it grip

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