Receptors for hearing are located in the

Receptors for hearing are located in the 1) cochlear duct 2) middle ear 3) semicircular canals 4) tympanic membrane


The answer for the above mentioned question is :


Explanation : Receptors for hearing are the hair cells present
in the Organ Of Corti. This Organ of Corti is located in the
Cochlear duct of the inner ear. These hair cells produce nerve
impulses on vibrating due to the sound waves which are passed on to
the brain through the auditory nerve.

Middle ear consists of the auditory ossicles which transmit
sound from the tympanic membrane to the inner ear but are not
hearing receptors.

Semicircular canals contain a fluid which moves with change in
our position, they help in maintaining balance and are not hearing

Tympanic membrane is a structure which vibrates and transmits
the sound collected from the external environment to the middle ear
ossicles. Therefore it cannot be called hearing receptor.

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