Replica Birkin, where to buy?

I wish I had the 10k to pay for an authentic Hermes Birkin bag, but I certainly do not. I have been looking for a reputable place to buy a replica that is well made. Have you purchased one and what would you recommend? I have seen and although they have a great selection of items, they don't seem legit. Please help. Also please don't answer with judgemental comments.

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  • I have never seen a single replica Birkin that looks real. I have been to both Silk Alley in Beijing and Xiang Yang Market in Shangai, along with various places in Hong Kong and Bangkok who all claimed to carry "first quality" Birkins. And even the ones selling for $300+ do not look or feel real. First of all, the leather is completely different so the shape of the bag is not the same. There are also differences in the hardware, stitching, lining, etc so anyone who knows what a real Birkin looks like knows it's a fake right off the bat

    I have a friend who is dying for one and since I go to Asia 1-2 times a year with work has asked me to find her one that looks authentic. I've looked on all sorts of shopping sites, etc to get recommendations but none of them have been good enough to fool anyone.

    Look on this site to tell a real from a fake

    I have yet to find a fake that could pass for the real thing

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  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Your sick! Buying fakes is stealing! It's against the law. It defames Plus a Birkin cannot just be counterfeited do you have any idea how much Time and work goes into one Hermes docent decide to just put a 4000$ price for nothing if they did sell them cheap they'd practically have to be maintained with child labor, or some kind of sick work ethic. There craftamns that make perfection.

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  • One of my fav apps/website is poshmark. They have new and used auth birkins and replica and inspired new and used. The good thing is you see real pictures from real people and can ask questions from the seller as well. Also if you don't like your purchase or not as described or don't receive your purchase you don't pay. It's very protected. But since it is the internet you have to be cautious. I just bought a lack one that is perfect in my opinion for 350.00 good luck!

  • Cheap Free Shipping Hermes Handbags (US$ 77.7) on sale

  • I have one for sale. Great condition never been used pink birkin style tote.

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  • I was happy that bought some very nice birkin bags a month ago. Two bags for me, one for my mother, one for my sister, and 4 for my friends and neighbor.

    The site is

    You must enjoy the bag too.

  • i have bought a nice birkin on site which is

    it is really nice bag.

    maybe it is some help.

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