Riddle: When things go wrong, what can you always count upon?

32 Answers

  • Your fingers and toes!!!

  • 26=Letters of the Alphabet 7= Wonders of the international 1001=Arabian Nights 12= signs and indications of the Zodiac fifty 4=C in the D[with the J] 9=P in the SS 88=P ok 13=S on the A F 32= ranges Farenheit at which Water Freezes 18= Holes on a golfing direction ninety= ranges in a impressive attitude 2 hundred= D for P G in M 8=S on a S S 3= B M [S H T R] 4= Quarters in a G? 24= Hours in an afternoon a million= Wheel on a Unicycle 5= D in a Z C 57= Heinz varieties 11= gamers on a soccer team one thousand= W that a P is W 29=Days in February in a leap three hundred and sixty 5 days sixty 4= S on a C 40 = Days and Nights of the G.F.? Argh, it incredibly is stressful! thank you prplfae 🙂

  • Numbers

  • Dear Riaz,

    if you r wrong except it is your mistake


    if u r right always fight for it

    there is a solution for everything

    human knows some

    God knows them all

    always be positive

  • I can count upon my hard work.

  • I don't know about you, but I can count on God when anything at all goes wrong. Its awesome!

  • You can count on things going wrong!

  • You should count on yourself Only.

  • When things go wrong , you have only yourself to blame .

    So count on yourself and try to learn the lesson and rectify if possible!

  • the time 4 da thing 2 get right!

  • count on yourself try doing it again and again till it comes right

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