RiskWare.Tool.CK. Is it dangerous?

I recently did a scan on malwarebytes and found a virus called riskware. tool. ck

Is it a false positive

4 Answers

  • RiskWare.Tool.CK.

    Is a "hack tool" if you have it on your system you have more than likely used (knowing or not) a ƈɾąƈƙ or keygen to keep from buying a Program,Os or game...ect. So say arrrrrgh cause your a pirate!

  • Riskware.tool.ck

  • I also suggest upgrading to the paid version of Malwarebytes. After you buy the product, register it because this will activate the real time protection. Now it will give you round the clock protection against malware or during the time your computer is on.

  • www.IngenieriaReal.com explica el uso de esta cosa

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