Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2?

whats the ending of it? did shuurei married Ryuki? how about ran ryuren's sister?

who is the spirits of 8 colour?


purple? red? brown? etc?

they said sa sakujun appear again. is he alive? please!! help i didnt make it to watch all the series as im going to attend boarding school. so please tell!

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  • I am the ultimate Saiunkoku fan and have watched both season 1 and 2. I am thrilled that episodes 38 and 39 of season 2 were finally released with English subs. Shuurei has not married Ryuuki, but I have high hopes that they will as it seems she has developed feelings for him. Ryuuki told Shuurei that as the Emporer he must get married and cannot wait any longer for Shuurei. Therefore he challenges her to a contest. He says that he will give her an alotted amount of time to make her desicion. If by the end of that time she escapes, then Ryuuki will marry Jyuusan-Hime instead. If Shuurei decides at the end of the time that she will marry Ryuuki then he has won. Shuurei accepts and asks Ryuuki how much time she has. Ryuuki then whispers the answer in her ear. ( We can't hear what he's saying) Then it ends. The last few episodes were absolutely beautiful! I hope you get a chance to watch it.

    Sakujun has been long dead by this point. ( he dies at the end of the 1st Season) I was really dissapointed at first but I got over it because Ryuuki is WAY better.

    Hmm... The Colors. I'm pretty sure I have this right.

    Ko- Red

    Ran- Blue

    Heki- Green

    Koki- Yellow

    Haku- White

    Koku- Black

    Sa- Brown

    Shi- Purple

    LOL, hope that helps! ^-^

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