Sample Conditional Release Letter to the Commander?

I was active-duty army until last July then I decided to ETS and join the Florida National Guard. I was pretty happy with my move until I ran in to the NCO in charge of JCSE of McDill AFB. If you dint know, just JCSE, hand down, is the best communication unit to be in.

I'm looking to transfer from the Florida National Guard to the JCSE of the Army Reserve. I have filled out the DD368 and did a interview with both the Commander and Command Sergeant Major of the unit I will be going in to for the JCSE. I am just looking for help for the letter I need to write to my unit commander.

Again, the question is... Can someone send me a format on a letter to the commander requesting to be release from the unit?

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  • Your First Sergeant should be able to help you out... probably has the last half-dozen submitted in a file somewhere, or can get them.

    [Tell him/her that the retired chaplain said First Sergeants can do ANYTHING!].

  • you could write a letter in case you desire. notwithstanding, searching on your rank, the sanctions placed adverse to you're written in regulation and the commander has little or no room for mistakes. that is because no longer purely are the outcomes despatched to the unit yet also to the commanders above him. At a minimum assume drug counseling and a retest. when you're an NCO or more suitable assume it to contain a reprimand or perchance a loss in stripe. searching on the drug used, discharge is needed. Your in basic terms right wager is to seek criminal advice and to question the sorting out technique. i turned right into a Unit Prevention chief (those that carry jointly the pattern for sorting out and deliver it to the lab). maximum persons fail to finish the series real. inquiries to contemplate that would want to have the pattern thrown out: Did the observer make you wash you palms with water purely previous to providing the pattern? Did the observer truly see the pattern go away your body and enter the cup? changed into the stall door open for remark? changed into the pattern examined two times for pretend blunders? changed into the pattern ever left unattended beforehand it changed into presented to the lab? Did you examine the chain of custody workplace paintings? yet maximum major....communicate over with JAG beforehand you admit to something. Your criminal specialist maximum save your secret, your commander does no longer.

  • i have been in ma unit for almost three years, now because of so many reasons i would like to write a letter to my officer commanding requesting to be transferred to 5 Sai Bn i need help how do i write that letter?

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