Scorpio vs. Aries fight of the year who wins?

and why

20 Answers

  • Scorpios - Aries may be loud and blunt, but most of the time they just get people annoyed or angry. Scorpion words are truthful, and usually show you the worst part of you - which is infuriating.

  • That's a good question. I know the answer first hand...

    Okay, a Scorpio never gives up. Even if they seem like they aren't mad they are just planning where they are going to hurt you. And if you do get them bad they will want to just kill you. Scorpio anger is intense...especially if someone tries to hurt them in some way. Scorpios will most likely have way more knowlege of the situation and of the Aries.

    Aries is loud and more out spoken compared to the Scorpio, They do have a quick temper. And are very daring, and don't play as safe as the Scorpio. They are always out to protect their feelings and will most likely be the first one to instigate the fight.

    Both are very outgoing and competitive. But in the end, it can go both ways...

  • Scorpio.

    Aries is ruled by Mars.

    Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

    Scorpio is more powerful than Aries.Strong Pluto in a person's chart indicates super power.

  • Aries

  • mother is an Aries..and I win in the end..I just don't let up..I am willing to die before I lose..

  • Aries are loudmouths no real fight in them though

    So Scorpios.

  • Aries will bring down the howwwse YO!

  • Scorpio, by stinging Aries to death with its poisonous stinger.

  • That would hardly be a fight of the year; it happens nearly every day.

  • Scorpio

    Why im one!!

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