Sharpest Pencil In Town Commercial?

There is a commercial I've seen in Maine that goes,

"they've got the sharpest pencil in town... they know that if you buy once, you're gonna be back, so instead of buyin one you're buyin 2 and thats a fact, they've got the sharpest pencil in town"??? I'm looking for it on Youtube but can't find it!! I figure if I know the place it's advertising for I can maybe find that commercial! I think it's for a camper place or something! Any help would be nice! Thanks!!

2 Answers

  • Webb's RV, in Bangor.

  • Someone told me -- and I haven t verified it -- that it really is Willie Nelson singing in the commercial. Apparently he was doing business with the folks who run Webb s RV, and he agreed to do it.

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