Should I get a cheaper saddle?

I am looking to buy a new western barrel saddle and have never bought one by myself before. I have been using my first saddle my parents got me years ago and out grew a long time ago so I finally decided to put old faithful away and get a new one. I found one that meets my size expectations for me and my horse on ebay and it will only be about 200 bucks. It is a California saddle company brand so I know that will get mixed reviews. But is it worth trying? If I find it doesn't meet my expectations It wouldn't hurt to have an extra saddle laying around since I do have 2 horses. I could easily sell it on Craigslist too. Or should I just skip on it and go for a nicer saddle? I use my saddles for a very long time that is the reason I am having doubts about a cheap saddle.

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  • No! Saddles are very important, especially barrel saddles. They have to be very sturdy. Stay away from no-brands and Stallion, Double T, and Hilason. California Saddlery as well, and any other brand that has the same look as those (short horns, odd looking leather...). Dakota and Billy Cook saddles are great and can be bought at low prices. Corriente is another brand to look at, though I'm just going off of reviews. A bad saddle will hurt a horse, cause them to perform badly, and eventually break. Invest the money up front.

    If you have a Facebook, join a group called "Barrel Racing Tack Swap". I've seen good condition Dakota and Corriete saddles for around $350 there.

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  • Regardless of your discipline a used top-quality saddle is a better idea than a cheap but new one.

    A top-quality saddle might be $2500 new and $600 used.

    A cheap saddle might be $250 new, and good as a dog toy when used.

    If you keep your top-quality saddle in good condition it'll always sell for a "good" used price. You can thus sell your $600 used saddle for $600.

    If you get the cheap saddle you are lucky if your dog doesn't reject it as "cheap junk". You'll be trying to give it to your dog because your horse rejects it.

  • ebay all the way! you can find stuff there that was originally $70 for $10!!!! theyre the best! i kno lots of people who have gotten cheap stuff in GREAT condition from ebay! and if you have any questions about the product, dont be afraid to email the seller and ask questions about the saddle or bridle! i think the best saddles are Supreme, but they dont make them any more, so i think you should try to find one on ebay. the bridles that dont have the stitching is cheaper, so thats the kind I got. :] hope I was help! :] good luck!

  • When it comes to saddles, buy the best quality you can afford. You'll be much better off buying a good quality used one than spending that same amount of money on a new one.

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  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Look on Ebay, local newspaper small ads, auctions etc. Apparently Craigslist is good but I've never used it myself. Ask at the feed store - people with stuff to sell often put ads up there, ask around to see if anyone is having a clearout.

  • i say stay with that saddle on ebay and if you dont like it then sell it and pocket the money to put on a better one if thats what you want

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