Should I trust rockinrpuppies?

Should I trust rockinrpuppies?

Theres a Puppy i wanna get.

If you could answer this plz answer it!


On i found it .

well i like all of your answer.Thx for answering!

7 Answers

  • I think the best way you should trust in getting puppies is if you seen them personally and their parents that way you know more about the puppies and what they're going to be like and you will also know if the puppy is most likely healthy.

    Or you should just rescue one at local shelter or nearby shelter since they're usually reliable too.

  • Nope.

    Nextdaypet is a puppy mill and BYB paradise. You will NOT find quality breeders or rescues on this website. The ONLY place a reputable breeder would advertise would be through the breed club or related sources.

    You can easily tell a good breeder from bad. Just have to look for a few things:

    1) Reason for breeding: anyone breeding for fun, for the experience, or because they love puppies isn't a good breeder. Responsible breeders breed to preserve the breed standard, to preserve a quality working line,etc.

    2) The dogs: the breeding dogs should be working dogs, show dogs, and should have genetic testing. They should be over two years of age, but under six (usually.) They should have a solid pedigree.

    3) Contracts: Good breeders offer contracts with health guarantees (four year minimum), spay/neuter on pets, etc. They will have detailed outlines of what you are getting, what you are entitled to, and what they can do.

  • Holy crap they sell something they call a Froston.. BWAHAHAHHAHAHA I didn't even read on to see what it was made up of...I think french Bulldog and boston terrier. I can't stop laughing....It isn't funny....but is.

    Okay...Sorry...I got distracted.

    No, you should not trust ANY of those breeders off of that website. Nor should you get one off of Next Day Pet. Either purchase a purebred from a responsible breeder by looking up the __ Breed Club of America on google OR find a breed rescue OR go to to find adoptable dogs.

    Do NOT give either of the two websites you listed your money for a badly bred dog.

  • NO, you shouldn't trust them. Go to instead.

    Well, unless you like the idea of having your very own over-priced, BYB'd mutt, actually. So buy one from there, or just go to your local shelter or rescue and adopt one. It's your call whether or not you want to save a life or give money to a BYB or mill.

  • EW!

    They live where I live?! Dear gawd I wanna move now!


    Don't buy designer MONGRELS and support BYB & Puppy Mill. There's a gazillion puppies just like that awaiting DEATH because of people like that.

  • two words. Puppy mill.

  • Yes! they arent bad unless they are raised bad!!

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