should modern society be criticized for being materialistic?

i need help with this essay please can anyone help me has anyone written this and if yes can you give me your examples i need help please i beg :[

2 Answers

  • Well it depends what opinion you take towards the question.

    But i would say yes, and some examples i would use are :

    1) Now a days a lot of people only care about what they can get out of an experience for themselves, rather then finding the intellectual and spiritual sense of the things they do.

    2) Compared to 20 years ago. Shopping centers are open for much longer hours, and also now there isn't just one main mall, instead they just keep building more stores in an area, because people are constantly buying things even when they don't need them.

    3) Especially for holidays and celebrations, the meaning of it has really been lost over the last few years. All people tend to care about is what they get in return, the gift giving, when it's not all about that.

    Hope that helps.

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