Should my dog have trouble walking after getting her vaccinations?

I took my dog yesterday to get her yearly shots, she was fine afterwards but today when we woke up she is having trouble walking. And its night time now and she still cries when she gets up or lays down. It seems to be effecting her hind legs more. What do i do? She is 10 years old but never really had problems.. I called the vet she said its typical for pain and to ice it but my dog didnt like the ice. Please helppp =(

thank you guys so much and she is a shepard mix shes got some collie in her.. she is about 40-50lbs i am just so worried and i try not to be when im near her its just heartbreaking to see her not able to walk easily

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  • I've seen dogs have reactions to vaccines like that, even 24 hours after being vaccinated. It can happen at any time in their life. What breed is she? Some breeds are prone to vaccine reactions, such as Beagles.

    Check her gums to see if they're a good pink color. If they are pale or white, she needs to go to the vet ASAP.

  • If the vet is saying that it's normal then just go with that advice. Just rub around the spot where the vaccination was injected... and see if that helps at all. Massage your dogs legs, and maybe put a bit of warmth on it.

    When Toby got his second shots, we were warned that he may have a little irritation around the site of the injection, and may proceed to have a little discomfort... so I'm considering what your dog is going through normal. Just make sure that it doesn't go on for too long.

  • Some dogs can just be wimpy or craving attention. My sisters West Highland Terrier did the same thing when he was a pup, but it was only after a while that my sister realised he cries and looks as if he's in pain when anything that could possibly be painful has happened - he's just a wimp.

    If your are concerned though, take your dog to a different vet to get it checked out.

  • Okay- it is normal for dogs to have pain after vaccinations, as it is for humans to become sick after a vaccination, like a side effect. Your dog should be a bit drowsy after having vaccinations, because it is like a sedative. Don't worry. In the meantime, you should keep the dog inside more often, and make sure it has water, so that it won't have to get up and roam around to find water.

  • My 9 yr old shelty was so over whelmed going to the vet for the rabies vaccine that she panted and panted for several hours and would not even get any water. She was mopey the whole day and then went to sleep but she could barely walk.

    Then the next day she was her old self and jumped and barked and ran around.

    Source(s): Yes it can happen.
  • Yes, it is typical. Could last up to 2 days especially if she is older or if she got the shot in a particularly sensitive area. Let her rest and take it easy for a couple of days and she should be good as new.

  • shes in pain but its not because of the shots she mightve not slept good or something.

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