Simplify this expression 4p+9+(-7p)+2=?

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  • I like to rearrange the equation to get like terms next to eachother. Everything attached to the variable p goes together, and everything that's just an integer goes together.

    4p+9+(-7p)+2 - Equation

    4p+(-7p)+9+2 - Rearrange

    -3p+9+2 - Combine p terms

    -3p+11 - Combine constants

  • I think your question is wrong.

    Anyhow solution is

    4p + (-7p) +9+2 just rearrange

    = -3p+11 that is all.

  • 4p+9+(-7p)+2=?





  • since all you have is adding just add the common variables. So in this case you want to add 4p and (-79) together and you should get -3p. Then you add 9 and 2 and you get 11. So your answer will be -3p+11=?

  • -3p+11

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