Sims 3 – How to sell a plumbot?

I got the new expansion pack. I built my first plumbot, but I want to sell it. I know how to purchase one from that bot store, but I can't figure out how to sell. Help?

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  • You must go to the "Nuts 'N' 'Bolts Bot Emporuim" with the plumbot you wish to sell. Click on the "Techo Tycoon Plumbot Stand by Arasika Industries" (the thing the plumbot models are displayed on) and select the option to sell plumbot.

    I'm more curious if we can use the Saavy Sellers Collection from the Sims 3 Store to make our own bot store in our present time game?

  • Selling Plumbots - Quality and Value Multipliers

    Head to the Bot Shop and click on one of the Bot displays with your Sim to get the option to sell them. Note the Plumbot must be on the lot with you (I found visit lot with... option from the map to be helpful here, especially when selling multiple Bots). Plumbot value when sold at the Bot Emporium is based on the following formula:

  • The same way you can buy one, you can sell it too.

    If you can't sell it (sometimes I can, but other times not, I don't know why), then try to do another plumbot and try the sell option again. Also, you can choose which one do you want to sell.

  • yea im going to Wally too to get my Sims copy and im planning on going early you should too just try and get there early doubt it will be sold out. maybe by the end of the day it will though

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