skinny dipping games?

hey me and my friends want to have some fun tommorow night. does anyone know any skinny dipping games????

thanks =]

9 Answers

  • Hmm...lemme see....

    "Is it really you, or is it just cold?"

    "Fondle the Flounder"

    "ᑕнιcκen-Lickin' Fights"

    "Whose Lump is That Anyways?"

    and my personal favorite....

    "Marco Pole-O"

  • Skinny Dipping Games

  • If done carefully (to avoid the obvious dangers of drowning) skinny dipping in the moonlight after a few drinks can be excellent in my experience.

  • If you are a guy and your friends are guys , let me join..You two will have lots and lots of fun..

  • cнιcκen fights hahahahaha

  • marco polo

  • Hide the sausage

  • no comment...

  • hmmmm........

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