Skyrim: I can’t marry Muiri?

I did her dark brotherhood quest and purchased an Amulet of Mara. I have it equipped, but whenever I approach her, I can't initiate a conversation with her. She just thanks me for resolving her problem. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? If It makes any difference, I never did the optional part of the quest (kill her former friend as well). Could that be why this is happening?

Muiri is a marriable character, and I already did the quest.

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  • I had the same problem and came to your post for an answer, unfortunately nobody knew it. So I did allot stuff until I made it work! The way it worked for me was I stored the Amulet of Mara that I had and went to Riften and talked with Maramal, he is either in the Temple of Mara or the Bees inn. I purchased another Amulet of Mara, equipped it and went back to Muiri, this time the option was available for me to Marry her! Give it a try and let me know… My guess is you need a new Amulet, or maybe just drop the one you have a re-equip it, it could be that simple.

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  • Muiri Skyrim

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  • ■Requirement: Completion of Mourning Never Comes Quest, then put amulet of mara on. If its still not working, try to marry someone else it should work.

    Try waiting some time in the game see if you can get her to marry you then?

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  • You have to do the optional quest of killing the other person for her. Delsine? don't remember last name though.

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    You cant marry certain people!!!

    Heres the link and scroll down to potential people you can marry.

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