Skyrim: Is there a way to get the house in Windhelm without joining the Stormcloaks?

I really want the house in Windhelm in my opinion it looks the nicest, but I don't want to join the Stormcloaks in order to buy it. Is there a way I can buy it without joining the stormcloaks?

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  • Yes (SPOILERS!!!!!!!) when you finish the imperial quest line you kill the main guy then a new guy replaces him. Once you talk to the new guy he will ask you to help his citizens after that you can buy a house (SPOILERS!!!!!!!)

  • Yes. If you enter and exit Windhelm a few times over the course of the game, you will eventually get a quest dealing with some strange murders in Windhelm. Once this quest is completed, you can speak to the Jarl and say you would like to purchase a home. The name of the house is Hjerim. If you search it on the Elder Scrolls Wiki, it will give you all the information you will ever need and more. I constantly play Syrim with my laptop open to the Wiki page.

  • Yes there is......U can get that house by joining the imperials. After doing all the imperial quest chains and after u kill Ulfrick the stormclock...........there will be a new Jharl and u will be able to buy a house in Windhelm without being a stormcloak. If u dont have sufficient gold!!!! try this ....... bring up the console ~ type PLAYER.ADDITEM 0000000a 99999999 or f ( instead if a ...idk now )...have a nice home xD...

  • I joined the imperial armory and i just bought it. I went to windhelm to the graveyard talk to people around the graveyard, then went into the castle place there and talk to more people. Then they gave me a key to check out murder clues at the Hjerim house after do that reported back the clues i found at the house, then talk to them again then i believe had to find a ghost do that quest then was able to buy a house from one of the guys in the palce of kings place in windhelm At the palace of the kings i talked to a guy named Jorleif hes wearing a hat you may have to wait for a couple hours for hind to showup or he maybe be sitting at the table.

  • no

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