Skyrim: What eye color is green on the slider?

I can’t see the colors properly while in create a character mode. Once out of creating, I can see it so it does matter to me 🙂 if anyone could give me a number going from right to left on the slider it would be wonderful, or just describe it to me anyway you fancy. Thanks!

I’m playing Nord. I’m sorry for not including that.. That’s quite important lol

3 Answers

  • Don’t know… I picked a Khajiit with Aquamarine maybe eyes and never looked back. Anyway, name the race you’re picking, cause my bet is that the races have different eye colors. Like whats brown eyes for redguards is Deep blue for Nords… Again don’t know, but I’m just saying.

  • Skyrim Eye Colors

  • i think it the third from the end (if i remember right)

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