Some people are saying that dajjal will arrive in 2020?how?

I think it is just a guess(a wrong one 🙂 ) ..what do you think

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  • No. He will never arrive. It's a myth.

  • Dajjal 2020

  • dajjal arrival will be one of the sign of qiyama

    so it will not be in 2020 because there are so many other signs which should happen at the same time.

  • I'm a spiritual healer and I have jinns with me. I hear Dajjal's voices since 2010, so I'm sure he is about to appear in the near future.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Read Hadith of Tamim Addari. It was alive and chained in the time of Rasul Allah (SAW) and was waiting to be freed. His time of release was when water level in the sea of Galilee was low. Today water level in sea of Galilee is so low that it never was in history. And if you can not see the attempt of NATO nations to make a universal government under the guise of UNO as a dajjali trick, then you need to grow up to see the reality. M J Iqbal

  • Only God has perfect knowledge of the mysteries of this world. Predicting when Dajjal will appear is the same as trying o predict when the sun will rise from the west. Things like Dajjal are only signs to know that the end is near. No one knows how long it will take for those signs to appear. If someone claims to have knowledge of such a thing, he is saying he shares God's knowledge. That is shirk.

  • Salam I donot believe that dajjal will arive in 2020 because only Allah who knows it best

  • For Dajjal to appear he must establish rule over the world, literal & economic, to claim himself the promised Messiah of Jews. A big part of this mission has already been done by Jewish lobby by Banking & Free Masonry. Israel currently controls US, UK & NATO but it is not on the front line yet. Israel has a huge huge & huge control over Worlds Economy. But it still needs control over all of Worlds Resources.

    Now the next step is the fall of Dollar & America which is very very near, you would know that if you know the current economic state of America. This will result in shift of power from US to Israel. This will give rise to a 3rd & final ruling state in the world, which will be Israel. On this a new currency will also be introduced to the world, a new economic system as well.

    But even with the above done, Israel needs to expand its territories of Israel from Jerusalem to River Euphrates, false biblical frontiers of Holy Land, so that the Holy Land is revived in form of Israel. And the solution to this is World War-3.

    Then the demolition of Mosque Al-Aqsa & Qubbat As-Sakahara for the reconstruction of Temple Mount & Throne of David which will become Throne of (false)Messiah(Dajjal) as it was the throne of all the Prophets(who were also the kings) of Bani-Israel or Banu-Israel.

    So the above will take time to achieve for Israel & Jews and has tremendous difficulties to achieve because still a great threat rests in the Hands of Muslims.

    And all this is done by Jews so that there Messiah could claim that he is Messiah.

    2020 may be

    2012 may be

    may be FOR the appearance of Dajjal & his claim as Messiah.

    but as FOR Dajjal to be set free & that is a different story.

    Dajjal release, appearance & life are complicated topics no one yet has definite answer but the following is very clear.

    When Hazrat Tamim saw Dajjal in a dream and in that event Dajjal asked a question with a very clear view of when he will be released, along with many other.

    "Is there still water in Lake Tiberius (aka Sea of Galilee)"

    And according to readings & studies Sea of Galilee will be dried after 5 Years. Sea of Galilee also related to Gogg & Maggog as well.

    so it becomes 2011AD + 5 = 2016AD

    which is also an important date because from here the depletion of world oil resources will start which will give events a new shape & which will then reveal the reason of Iraqi Invasion.

    2016 is another date and there are a lot more, i have other dates according to other reasons 2056 & 2052. So the answer is not definitive, it's just NEAR.

    but rest assured after 2012 world events will take new shape as they did after 9-11.

    Allah(SWT) knows best but we have everything given in Quran & Hadees we just need to unlock it. The topic of Dajjal can't be studied alone, you need to study Imam Mehdi as well, the revival of Caliphate, the last crusade & the whole Quran & a lot of History. For a start on that read the last 4 books of Bukhari.

    Kitab-ul-Fitan (Book of Fitan)

    Kitab-ul-Alamah (Book of Revelations)

    and two more i have forgotten the names.

    Mr. Javed here will be able to tell you the names.

  • Who is Dajjal :O?

  • It may come as a surprise to most that there is not even a hint of a Dajjal in the verses of the Quran, yes I know it is in the Hadith but here is the thing, Hadith is sold as something that "explains" the Quran, since Dajjal is not even mentioned in the Quran then what are these reports trying to explain. Conclusion; reports are fabricated, tailor made to justify an obvious innovation borrowed from the Christian teachings, once again nothing in the Bible to support it either 🙂

    No he is not arriving in 2020 or ever 🙂

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