Songs About Loss Of Innocence?

I'm looking for slower, sad songs about loss of innocence. I'm making a book trailer for a friend and her novel is about a ɾąքҽ victim.

Nothing rocky, more slow with a lamenting feel to it.

zgraf--I don't see why not. Shoot

4 Answers

  • It's Time- Imagine Dragons

    Innocent- Taylor Swift

    Run Forever- Dave Thomas Junior

    Hope I helped(:

  • Love for a new child - Jason Mraz is strictly what you're for! that is a superb music. that is approximately his mom and dad' divorce and how it affected him/took away his early existence and innocence. The refrain is: "What approximately taking this empty cup and filling it up With a splash extra of innocence i've got no longer had adequate that is in all threat via fact once you're youthful that is okay to be certainly ignored i might decide to believe it replaced into all approximately love for a new child" desire this helps(:

  • Broken- Gorillaz

  • How about songs about return to innocence?

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