Space Trip pills? Review?

I saw those party pills online and am considering ordering. The synthetic pills that induce the same effect of LSD and others. Has anyone tried these? I can't find a single review online... Please and thank you. =)

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  • tried them

    hate them

    if you want to experience the effects of drugs try the real stuff

    most of those synthetic pills are banned where im from now

  • Space Trips

  • Space trips contain LSA as the active ingredient, along with some other things that make the experience more energetic and flighty. LSA causes a weird derealization (although it is not strong) and tends to make you see some rippling in surfaces and shapely, mildly colorful afterimages that spring up on flat surfaces. It's not really like LSD, but it is a psychedelic to most extents (just not as safe of a psychedelic as LSD).

  • they do absolutely nothng the space trips I took 6 on an empty stomach 6 hours ago and I got nothing from it not even as much as what a ******* red bull does

  • XTZ – The Revolutionary Pill

  • Sorry to not have an answer, but I'm considering buying too, might buy some tomorrow, if i can find some decent reviews, if you end up getting them - can you message me YOUR review? 🙂 thanks

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