Standard dating “schedule”?

I just finished my first first date and was wondering what the standard schedule was for dating and "other" such things.

I know that everyone moves at different speeds, but what is the standard schedule for things for two virgins, neither of whom have had a relationship?

And is the third date the "make-or-break" date?

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  • Wow, you're thinking too much into this. Just go on dates and move as fast/slow as you guys are comfortable with. No the 3rd date isn't the make or break date, that would be the 1st..

  • Dating Schedule

  • Well there is no such thing as schedule, when ever you get a chance or they get a chance go out, and the third date doesn't matter i usually just go with the flow and when ever i feel like i am ready i start going for it i am a guy though so i rush things but girls like taking things easy, and if its a girl i really like then il spend a lot of time with her doing nothing just having fun, if i don't like her and want to get in her pants then every chance i get i hook up with her and try to go for it lol, so go with your feeling and let things happen don't listen to what people say like kiss her already or him, or do this and that just go with the flow and you both will make things happen.........and use safety when the time comes

  • If your new to the whole dating thing, there is no need to rush it. Spend some quality time getting to know eachother. Plus I don't know why you are thinking that the 3rd date is 'make or break' because, honestly, if any date was the make or break one, it would be the first. Just settle down and stop overthinking it, there is no set schedule for dating, you just need to take it slow and see how everything turns out in the meantime. Good luck!

  • nope, third date could be counted as a normal date; there's no rule or schedule for such things, just take them at your own pace until you feel comfortable enough with each other to take it further.

  • Yup, the 3rd date is the make or break date.

    Start with one or two dates a week, maybe make one more formal, and the other one casual (keep in mind that by formal it doesn't mean fancy or anything, just like take her to dinner or the movies for one date, and just sort of chill with her after school for another)

    Good luck 🙂

  • just wait to see what your date wants to do, and then as long as ur date doesnt cross ur lines, ur fine

    scheduling everything takes the fun away, but thats just my opinion

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