“Stickers” on Tumblr Blog?

Okay, so I REALLY want those moving pictures (no I'm not asking how to post a gif) on my Tumblr Blog. Now I keep calling them "stickers" but I'm sure that's incorrect. Here is an example of them:


See the Walking Rainbow Dash and DJ Pon3 there? Where can I find them and how can I add them to my Blog Page? It would also be wonderful if someone could tell me what they're really called. Thank you so much!


My Tumblr: http://toxic-kandi-kitty.tumblr.com/

3 Answers

  • I don't fairly realize tumblr both. Despite the fact that you seem like the type of person who could be intersting to read about, i don't suppose i might consult with yours due to the fact I've certainly not been on tumblr. BQ: no BQ: n/a

  • This is an interesting question

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