Subsitue for verjus?

I'm making a soup that calls for 2 tbs of verjus. I can't find the stuff anywhere. Does anybody know a good substitue for it. I heard lemon juice and white wine vinager works but... Does anybody have a helpful hint?

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  • Verjus is prized as a substitute for vinegar or lemon. Verjus works wonders in salad dressings as a vinegar substitute. With crisp acidity balanced by slight sweetness and pronounced fruity flavors, this versatile product can also be served chilled on its own or as a spritzer (i.e., add some sparkling water) for a tangy, refreshing non-alcoholic alternative to wine.

    Verjus (pronounced vair-ZHOO), or "verjuice" as it is sometimes called, literally means green juice in the sense that it's made from wine g ɾąքҽ s that have yet to fully ripen — it's green.

    Because verjus has a half sweet, half tart flavor, I would suggest using a good rice wine vinegar as a substitute. Rice wine vinegar can be found in the International Food section of your local supermarket. Be sure to purchase the plain, rather than seasoned, variety. Bon appetit!

  • You heard right. Lemon juice and white wine vinegar are the best substitutes but they arent perfect.. It is sour, unfermented g ɾąքҽ juice and has a more delicate flavour than either substitute so you might want to try finding it online. It is very versatile.

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  • You could subsitute white wine vinegar or lemon juice.

    I have also seen many websites to buy it online.

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    Barbecue sauce,I personally do not use it because my boyfriend hates it and mine always turns out ok with the barbecue sauce.

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