Sugary Sweet 16 Party?

I need some creative ideas on decorations and entertainment for my sugar themed sweet 16! It's going to be held at my house and the dance floor and tent will be outside in my backyard (my yard is huge though, we have a little over an acre of land so size is not a concern).

There will be lots of candy and sweets, a DJ, henna tattoo artist, cotton candy machine, and more! I would love some new ideas though!

Thanks in advance!

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  • I am doing a similar theme for my sister's graduation party. We rented an inflatable twister board b/c the colors go with our theme - we are using the colors of the rainbow - and we thought it would be a fun activity. Also, for the "guestbook" I went to one of those paint your own pottery places and painted a platter and they gave me a pen that the guests can use to sign it. Once fired it will be nice keepsake for her that will be functional as well. I am wrapping round pices of styrofoam in cellophane and attaching them to a wooden dowel to make "lollipops" and sticking them in the ground to line the walkway up to the venue. We are also having a huge candy bar with giant pixy stix, candy necklaces, ring pops, nerds, sweettarts, skittles, m&m's, airheads, lemonheads, blow pops, razzles, pop rocks, fun dip, shock tarts, rock candy, sour straws, mini hershey candy bars, and gunballs. Then I found some mini paint cans at a craft store that we are giving to the guests so they can fill them with candy. We are also getting can koozies personalized with the date and her name and such for everyone to use at the party and take home with them as a favor. We are decorating with styrofoam wrapped in cellophane to look like hard candies and hanging them from the ceiling and bunches of balloons scattered around. For food we are doing finger foods with a fun carnival type feel... caramel apples, soft pretzels, popcorn with various toppings, a veggie tray (to counteract the sugar), fruit with chocolate fondue, sausage balls, etc.

    The ideas you have already been given are awesome and I wanted to share this candy website with you. I have been pricing candy on dozens of websites for months trying to get ready for her party and they have, by far, the best prices:

    I hope this helps! Happy sweet 16!!

    *EDIT* I forgot we are also doing a small bowl of personalized m&m's in her school colors... they are kind of expensive so we are just using regular m&m's on the candy bar.

  • Cute idea! That seems to be a trend this year:) ... Instead of the henna artist (which some parents might object to), why not get a palm reader? ... Get some shiny Christmas balls and wrap them in clear cellophane, tied at each end, to look like giant hard candies and put on the tables. ... It sounds like you're already going to have a candy bar, so that's good ... You could decorate a big layer cake to look like a giant cupcake (spread the icing vertically on the sides, to look like the paper - and a different color piled high on the top, with sprinkles) ...... It would be fun to get an ice cream cart too, and have ice bars, popsicles, etc. inside to serve .....a popcorn machine ... giant caramel apples, cut in pieces to serve (Rocky Mountain Fudge Co. or Mrs. Prindable's - both have websites)

  • How about a chocolate fountain with lots of bits for people to dip in like marshmallows, cookies etc

    We had one at the last Christmas party and it was fun and yummy :o)

  • Sugary Sweet 16

  • Decorate in bright colors, like bright pink and white, like a sweet shop!

    Have an ice cream bar, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with LOTS of toppings, both candy and sprinkles, etc. Go to the dollar store and get those tall Sundae dishes for your friends to make their own sundaes and make sure to have chocolate and caramel sauce.

    Also, you can get those rings, they are the candy that look like diamond rings/pacifers and have them as napkin rings, take them out of their wrappings and put them around the napkins as rings, or you can tie licorce around the napkins, or there's those button candies that are on white paper, you can wrap those around the napkins and have them as napkin rings.

    Put those candy necklaces and bracelets at each place setting, I'm sure even the guys would like that being it's candy. LOL

    You can get clear vases and put some kind of candy on the bottom like m&m's or something and then have those HUGE lollipops sticking out of them and make them your centerpieces.

    The m&m's website has it where you can them in any color and personalize them, you can pick out the colors of your party, I would go with bright colors like pink, white, and a turquiose blue, and you can have your name and sweet 16 put on them, and put them in cellphane bags for your friends to take home with them.

    Get a few of those inexpensive gumball machines and fill them with gumballs and scatter them around the party, just make sure to have pennies for your guests so they can get the gumballs! You can have something next to the machines that hold the pennies so they don't have to ask anyone for them. You can even put the gumballs in the vases on the table and have the huge lollipops stuck in them as the centerpiece.

    You can also get a popcorn machine, that goes with sweets and sweet shops!

    Licorce twists can be tied around the flatware, etc. You can be creative with them being you can use them as "string".

    You can also put together candy houses, instead of them being gingerbread houses, with cardboard put together a little houses and decorate them with icing and candy and you can make houses and put them as centerpieces, etc around the party as decorations.

    You can do chocolate fondue and I love the idea of a chocolate fountain being it sticks with the theme of a sugary party. You can get pretzels and you already have the other candy there and some marshmellows for your friends to dip in the chocolate. Also get some graham crackers too.

    You can do tiers of cupcakes and even have that as your cake and have each cupcake can have a letter to spelling out Happy Birthday etc. You can get those cupcake holders and put them there or be creative and have them arranged in tiers like wedding cakes are, but have each of them have a letter, like one has an H, then an A, then a P, and so on until it has spelled out Happy Birthday Sweet 16 with your name. and then extras of course for all of your guests.

    There's a website called Dylan's Candy bar, it's and there's lots of different candy there and even ideas for colors and things like that. You can go to a sweet shop for ideas and do a search online for buying candy in bulk to see where you can get it the cheapest so you're not spending a ton of money on the candy.

    I hope you have a great party and Happy Sweet 16!!

  • Don't forget your sugar cubed corsage.

  • maybe a band could be there for a little while.

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