suji(indian food) is made out of wheat? Is suji primarily carbohydrate? health benefits?


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  • Suji is an Indian wheat, granulated but not pulverized. It is a kind of semolina. Suji is primarily a carbohydrate. As far as the sujis health benefits are concerned, I remember back home whenever i use to have flu or sore throat–My mother would give me suji halwa with hot milk to cure the flu and sore throat. Warm suji halwa is a popular remedy to cure sore throat in North India.

    Here’s the recipe for Suji Halwa:


    – 1.1/2 cup suji (semolina)

    – 11/2 cup sugar

    – 1 cup ghee

    – 2 1/2 cup water

    – 100g. blanched almond, cut into sliver

    – 30 g. green raisins, soaked and drained

    – 50 g. unsalted pistachio nuts, cut into slivers

    – seeds from 8 green cardamoms

    – 12 tsp. ground cardamom

    ~~~Cooking Method:

    1. Boil sugar, few cardamom’s seeds and water for 5 minutes and keep aside.

    2. Heat ghee in a heavy based pan and add cardamom seeds. Stirring all the time, fry these for few minutes and Add the suji and stirring all the time fry on medium heat for 5-8 minutes until it is brown in color and ghee leaves the side of the pan.

    3. Add the syrup and ground cardamom. Stir well. Cover with a tight fitting lid and cook for 10 to 15 minutes until nearly all the water has evaporated. Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee in a frying pan and fry the nuts. Add the fried nuts to the halva and mix well. At this stage the halva should soft and dry. If there are still raw grains of soji, add a little water, cover and cook over very low heat until it is soft.

    5. Serve hot.

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    suji(indian food) is made out of wheat? Is suji primarily carbohydrate? health benefits?



    The wheat bread that you are eating is probably sweet because of some complex additives, one of which would invariably be sugar. Also chemicals and preservatives are part of the mix to increase its shelf life. Still, it is certainly a healthier alternative to the white bread. The flour in white bread is white through finer grinding and sifting (not through bleaching) and in the process many phytonutrients are lost. The carbohydrates in the white bread are easily digested and almost immediately converted to blood sugar. That results in weight gain or hampers weight loss. In the wholegrain bread varieties the structure of the carbohydrates is more complex as less fiber and wheat germ has been lost in the milling process. As a result, your body gets the fuel it needs for physical or mental activity at a more measured pace. The fibers preserved in the larger unmilled particles of flour will improve your intestinal activity, The vitamins and minerals give your body the necessary energy boost. Watch out for preservatives in whole wheat bread. Try an artisanal bakery or bake yourself for a change. I am sure, you and your family will taste the difference.

  • Yes, suji is primarily carbohydrate. There are no health benefits and suji is made out of wheat. Suji is wheat.

  • Suji Food

  • Wheat is mainly a carb and the health benifits are that you will get a plethera(a lot) of good energy the kind that lasts a while unlike sugars that are just bursts.

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