sulfur dichloride hybridization?

What is the hybridization of the central atom for SCl2? I know it's sp3 but how would you show it?

& how many sigma/pi bonds are there? My guess is 1 sigma bond for each S, Cl bond so 2 sigma bonds that how you would word it?

Also, what is the bond polarity? polar? how would you "predict" and then prove it?


2 Answers

  • SCl2 has an electron geometry known as tetrahedral and a bent molecular geometry.

    The electron geometry reveals that there are four electron pairs which means that this molecule's hybridization is sp3.

    Because the electron geometry is bent it is a polar molecule. Two sigma bonds is correct. There are no pi bonds in sp3 hybridization.

  • SCl2 S stands for sulfur + di (meaning 2) chloride

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