symptoms of drug use(crystal meth/tik)?

Does anyone know the symtoms for people that use crystal-meth/tik. Like how do you know if they use it. and please for heroine also. thanks

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  • The most disturbing sign of meth addiction is the classic meth-user look of a wounded face and a collapsed jaw. Because Meth is a super Sudafed, it dries out the skin completely. Addicts begin to believe they are suffering from “meth lice”. This leads to frantic scratching of the face using fingernails – a process generally known as picking. Picking can lead to serious self-inflicted wounds, especially in the face. Another physical sign is rotten teeth and a collapsing jaw. Meth dries out the gum completely and leads to the grinding of the teeth and the jaw collapsing inward. Other physical symptoms include a flushed appearance, severe weightloss, boundless energy, deep sleep and excessive sweating.

    On an emotional level, the effects of a meth addiction can be equally visible and devastating. Some of the emotional signs of meth abuse include irresponsibility, child neglect, and crime (to pay for the drug). A single puff of meth can keep a user high for 24 hours, unlike cocaine or heroin which only last for a couple of hours. For someone on the mend or looking to sustain the habit, this can lead to serious bouts of violence, paranoid schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies. (continued...)

  • I'm 21 year old. On tik because of stress:( using its for the past 4 Months and I'm starting to get worried

  • crystal meth makes your teeth rot out and makes u super skinny a huge dick and you drink others pee to get the druge in your system.heroine people have track marks all over their arms. serious skin and teeth and general health problems, weight loss.

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    I used sheets on the windows when I lived with my parents. I have never used heroin. I think you're jumping to conclusions just a little bit. He probably just wants a little privacy. blinds don't always keep people from seeing in your bedroom.

  • how do i know when somebody is on tik

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