Target Cash Register Help (10 Points)?

I was recently hired as a seasonal cashier at Super Target. I have only worked one day, that was also my training day.

They trained me with 5 other people for a hour then put us to work by ourselves.

They had a cash register training book that we used during that hour but they wouldn't let us take it home to study it.

All I have had to do so far is cash and credit transactions.

I don't have the faintest idea of how to do gift receipts, rain checks, wic checks, price changes, what number to dial on the phone for price checks, checking IDs when selling alcohol, I don't really know how to do anything on that register. This is my first job and I don't want to mess it up.

I've looked online trying to find that manual we used during "training" but I can't find it.

If anyone knows a link on where to find it, or if you have ever worked for Target and know how to do this stuff, or if you know what type of register Target uses so I can maybe do a search for the specific register manual.

I feel like I'm drowning here, Any help at all is appreciated.

Also, I don't want any answers telling to go and just ask for more training.

3 Answers

  • Let me answer your question as the author of the job search book "Think Like an Interviewer: Your Job Hunting Guide to Success." Most likely, you won't be able to find the training manual online because it's an internal training manual Target uses. Very, very few companies would put their training materials out there for the public to view. It's copyrighted material that they want to keep within their own borders.

    However, there may be an internal website where training materials are kept. Many companies will have that setup for employees only. So those not employed by the company would be prevented from accessing it. You could try contacting the training department or human resources and ask for it.

    And I would strongly suggest you let them know about your poor quality training. I realize that retailers can be busy this holiday season with all the deep discounts they're offering. So they were probably in a big rush to get you out there servicing customers. But an hour of training and simply being thrown a manual isn't enough!

    When I worked as a corporate trainer, I spent days teaching a major retailer'semployees how to work their new electronic cash registers. And had to be there to assist with questions. And make sure their employees knew how to handle all types of transactions: cash, credit, gift cards and certificates, returns, layaways, etc.

    I remember when I worked in retail and had to learn how to work the register. I got more than 1 hour of training. And had access to others who could help when I needed it. So 1 hour isn't remotely enough time for somebody who's brand new! And I would certainly let the head of the training department and someone in human resources know about this.

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