teeth is to hen as nest is to ?

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  • Answers such as Lips, Gums or Mouth would be logical only if the question were: Hen is to Nest as Teeth are to ?

    (i.e. Hen is found in Nest; Teeth are found in X)

    The sequence can't be changed in these analogy questions; the logic/relationship has to work in the order that the question is stated.

    So what's the relation between teeth and hen? In a logical sense there is no relationship, since hens don't have teeth; in a literary sense the two words appear in the English idiom "hen's teeth" (rare as hen's teeth).

    That means you're not looking for an animal that doesn't have a nest – the list of possibilities would be too long, leaving you with no sure answer. What you need is an English idiom "X's nest". There aren't too many of those (three I can think of), and only one that's parallel in meaning to "hen's teeth". That's "mare's nest".

    On those grounds your answer would be Mare.

    Source(s): This site points out the importance of the items following in the same sequence and matching parts of speech: http://www.psychometric-success.com/faq/faq-verbal...
    And this link covers the meaning and history of "mare's nest": http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-mar1.htm
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  • my first guess was "Ten" because Hen is the last and third last letters of Teeth plus N. So the last and third last letters of Nest are T and E plus N. Ten

  • They are looking for a relation. TEETH as in CHICKEN (in the evolution cycle prehistoric cнιcκen used to have teeth); NEST as in something that in the prehistoric cycle used to use nests, but not today anymore. Any clues?

  • If the analogy is going to be tighter then a cuckoo would do it better than a mare.

  • My guess is tree. Just as a hen doesn't need teeth to eat, a tree doesn't need nests to do photosynthesis. Teeth would have to be added to a hen much like nests are added on a tree.

  • zepplin

  • Mouth

  • gums

  • Rooster

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