THE call of the wild NOVEl questions please help?

The Yukon is the main _______ for this story.

A. symbol

B. genre

C. plot

D. setting

6. How did John Thornton die?

A. He died from frostbite to his feet.

B. He was killed by a group of wild wolves.

C. He was killed by Native Americans.

D. He died in the river rapids.

7. What does Buck often dream of as he sleeps by the campfire?

A. Judge Miller's home

B. Primitive man

C. John Thornton

D. His fight with Spitz

8. The term racial unconscious means that

A. we're all racists at heart to some degree, even though we're unaware of it.

B. each species and culture shares ancient memories, stored in the unconscious part of the mind.

C. you must learn the law of club and fang to survive.

D. nature weeds out the weakest and unfit.

9. What happens the first time Buck is beaten?

A. He learns he has to obey men, but decides never to surrender inside.

B. He has his spirit as well as his body crushed.

C. He learns that he can't get away with stealing another dog's food.

D. He swears that he'll someday have his revenge on Spitz.

14. Mercedes's lugɡɑɡe is a symbol of

A. her party's inexperience.

B. civilization.

C. her domination.

D. her selfishness.

15. What word best describes the relationship between Buck and John Thornton?

A. Friendship

B. Trust

C. Attachment

D. Love

16. The death of Curly is an example of

A. the theory of evolution.

B. racial unconsciousness.

C. the law of club and fang.

D. the will to power.

2 Answers

  • I read this book three years ago yet I can "miraculously" remember it.









  • 3 examples are when Manuel kidnaps Buck because it shows that Manuel isn't an honest man and it shows because he takes his master's (Judge Miller) dog, the second is when Buck gets beat up by the man in the red sweater because the reader is worried that Buck may be beaten to death, and the last reason is when Spitz and Buck fight to the death Buck is covered with wounds. Hope this helped!

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