The classic game show hosted by Allen Ludden. Which celebrity guest whose clue to the password deer was doe?

The contestant opposite the celebrity guest responded to the clue " Doe " / " Knob ". Allen Ludden & the celebrity guest plus the audience erupted into a laughing heysteria. The black guest walked off the stage and later sued the Password game producers. This show was never to be shown was one of the terms of the law suit. Who was the celebrity guest who offered the clue - " Doe " ?

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  • According to this website, starting with this quote, the episode of the gameshow is an urban legend, although some celebrities have established the story as their own!!

    Funny story though:

    The old Password game show, and what’s-his-name whispers to the audience, " . . . and the password is . . . DEER." The white male celebrity says to his Black female partner "DOE . . .", to which she responds, "KNOB"?

  • Allen Ludden Game Show

  • burt reynolds

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