“The Current Profile Is Not Allowed To Play On Xbox Live”?

this is what it says when i try to go to the lobby to play call of duty 4 on xbox live

i can sign into my xbox live account but cant play . it just says this. does this mean im banned? or something. what do i do ? will i ever be able to play on xbox live again?

3 Answers

  • It depends, actually. There are many different reasons for being banned. But I'll give the three most common, and the lengths of time they last.

    1. YOU ARE A JERK ONLINE - Basically, you get called for being offensive, or just plain out you're being unsportsmanlike, or taking advantage of glitches. If you're reported until your stars are all empty, you can either be forced to change your name, or if it went too quickly to that point, they will ban you for a few weeks to a few months.

    2. YOU HAVE A MODDED SYSTEM - If you've chipped your system in any sort of way and somehow got nabbed playing illegal copies (or Japanese only games on a US system) and got caught (which in the Japanese only situation is fairly easy), you can get banned PERMANENTLY. Basically you've been skirting around the rules that Microsoft BLATANTLY stated when you first signed up for XBox live, which, if you didn't know, is actually a contract that they are even allowed to sue for (but they don't)... they will ban both your screen name and your mail account that your Live tag was attached to.

    3. YOU ARE A CHEATER - Either by using hacked accounts to double up on gamerscore, using unavailable content before it became available, being complained for being that guy who knows how to stand in a spot you can't be shot... etc... In the end, they basically ban you for a month to get your act straight... and in the case that you were cheating to gain gamerpoints... then you lose ALL of your gamerscore (not just your cheated points) and won't be able to gain any of those achievements again. And you'll only find if you got your score reset AFTER you can log back on.

    I hope these three aren't what your problem is... and that there is just a weird mistake... but note, Microsoft holds the right to deny service at any time. So whether their banning of you was warranted or not, you can't do anything to change it. That's in that contract, too.

  • Your profile has been ban from xbox stay. it must be countless motives, yet because you play mw3 listed below are the in all probability motives: a million) your controller ir gadget has been modded. those are a contravention of the guidelines for xbox stay. 2) you received too many courtroom circumstances about the way you play even in the experience that your obnoxious or a trash talker or in the experience that your figuring out on to steer away out of your communities progrese truly than help Or 3) you seriously annoyed a moderator and he took action hostile to you. call the xbox stay help table and verify to work out if its an enduring ban or non everlasting. If its everlasting than your console is junk and also you may ought to get yet another to play on line


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