The functional unit of the kidney is the

Question 17 11 pts The functional unit of a kidney is a nephron. The first part of the nephron is the Bowmans capsule. This


Ans: The functional unit of a kidney is a nephron.The first part
of the nephron is the Bowman's capsule.This area is where the
glomerular capillary blood is
filtered the plasma. The solution is now in the
Bowman's capsule and not in the blood anymore. The section of the
Nephron after the Bowman's capsule is the Proximal Convoluted
Tubule (PCT) and functions to reabsorb the majority of the
. From the PCT the nephron moves from the
minor calyx to the medulla in a
portion of the nephron called the Descending loop of
.This particular location allows for the movement of
water from the lumen of the nephron to the
interstitial fluid.The next location in the
nephron is the Medullary collecting Duct where the
simple cuboidal cells have a special cell coat that allows them to
Block (stop) osmosis from moving. From here the
nephron location is known as the Distal Convoluted Tubule (DCT) and
this location as well as the cortical collecting duct have two
distinct types of cells: Intercalated cells which
are in charge of acid/base balance and Podocyte
cells whose functions are controlled by hormones.


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