The Little Blue pill…..?

i just bought The Little Blue Pill from a Wilkinson shop...

now i dont have any problems getting it up, but was really interested to try it out. does anyone know if it works?

its a herbal one and was only £3, so obviously its not going to be 'Y-front dynamite' but im eager to know if anyones tried it or knows someone that has.

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  • I don't know about the herbal type, but when I take a Cialis I can take my time. I can play, take all the time she needs for foreplay, even talk on the phone if it rings, and it still stays "ready" if you know what I mean. And the "conclusion" is outstanding! If the blue herbal one doesn't work, try the real thing. Both of you will be completely satisfied!

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    So, from the above answers, you know what it is. Viagra, cialis and levitra (and the generic equivalents) are legal to take. Selling them (privately) is a bit of a dodgey legal area, as they are pharmecuticals - but I doubt if the police would be bothered by someone selling a few viagra to a friend 'what it does' is not as silly a question as some may think... They DO NOT give a guy an erection..... what they do, is make it possible for you to get a good erection as soon as you get aroused. If you take a viagra and watch countdown, you will not get an erection (unless you have a Carol Vorderman fetish). However, if you were to see something erotic, you would then get a strong erection. Even if you had just ejaculated. Many people who do NOT have erectile dysfunctions, use viagra because it allows you to recover your erection IMMEDIATLY. It IS used by 'real men'. It is useful for couples who are into swinging, or who want just more than a 5-minute wham-bam Viagra needs about 60 minutes to start working and will have an effect for about 12 - 24 hours. Cialis needs about 30 minutes to start working and will have an effect for 48 + hours. I am not sure of Levitra, as I have never taken that one.. One side effect I have found, is headaches. It doesnt affect everyone but if it does affect you, you can take a paracetemol with the viagra - it gets rid of the headache, but doesnt affect 'anything else'

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  • £3 from wilkinsons! doubt it will do a thing.

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