The phase diagram for an organic compound is shown.

1.00 Pressure atm) 0.50 0.10 150 75 75 Temperature (C) 150The phase diagram for an
organic compound is shown. What is the normal boiling point of this
compound? Express your answer as an integer and include the
appropriate units.


In the phase diagram, the area represented by X is sold, by Y is
liquid and by Z is gas.

At the boiling point, liquid and gas are in equilibrium.

The normal boiling point temperature corresponds to the
equilibrium temperature at 1 atm.

To find the temperature draw a horizontal line at 1 atm from the
vertical axis to the line separating liquid and gas phase (i.e. Y
and Z). Then draw a vertical line from the point to the horizontal
axis to get the normal boiling point temperature.

The normal boiling point of the compound is 150 oC.

1.00 - Pressure (atm) 0.50 0.10 -150 -75 0 75 Temperature (°C) 150

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