The products of the acid catalyzed hydrolysis of a fat are:?

a) the esters of fatty acids

b) fatty acids and glycerol

c) salts of fatty acids

d) salts of fatty acids and glycerol

e) phospholipids



2 Answers

  • Fats are triglycerides. These are esters. Hydrolysis of esters yields the alcohol and organic acid(s).

    a. is wrong because this is what you start with.

    b. is correct for the reason stated

    c. is wrong because acid catalyzed hydrolysis can't yield salts

    d. is wrong for the same reason as c but would be correct if the hydrolysis was base catalyzed.

    e. is wrong because there is no phosphorous present.

  • fat, or triglycerides encompass a million molecule of glycerol and 3 fatty acid chains with an ester bond between them. they are the main element in vegetable oil and animal fat. The length of the fatty acid chains is frequently sixteen to twenty carbons long. Lipase facilitates spoil the bonds. Glycerol frequently is going with the aid of glycolysis metabolism. Bile, made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder is launched into the small gut for the period of digestion and it emulsifies fat (makes them into small fat droplets) that are absorbed by employing the lymph and carried to the bloodstream the place the two integrate in simple terms beforehand going to the guts.

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