Theres suppose to be a for free repair ad security, spyware,etc., need to locate this.?

I am having problems with computer being extremely slow and I am on DSL. With scans I been told I am at high risk. The is suppose to be a free downlosd, but I cannot locate it.

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  • Never heard of it however,

    Try this, it worked for me,

    here is the link to down load the program-


    after you download it,restart your system, then press f8 repeatedly until the Advanced Menu Options Screen shows up,

    then go down to start Windows in safe mode and click enter,

    after that when your at your desktop screen, run the program, a full system scan, the time will vary depending on how many files you have, when it is over it will tell you if you had any viruses, it will ask you if you want to delete them, click yes, after its done restart your computer. I hope this helps!!

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  • You have to keep a computer maintained all the time so it does lag in speed. The more programs you install the slower it will become. I would keep away from Registry Scan and repair tools as they can be dangerous and mess your system if you do not know what to you are doing. I would suggest you install two programs. Virus software - AVG Free edition, this is free for home users and updates regularly. Xoftspyxe - This will scan you computer for cookies, trackers adware etc. It is also free and updates frequently. It also scans the registry and gets rid of malware. You can search for these in Google and will easily find them to download. I hope this helps

  • Im guessing you mean AVG but it sucks dont get it.

    Dont get AVG! Download Avira Antivir, malwarebytes and super anti spyware. Once installed restart your computer in safe mode by tapping F8 on startup and selecting safe mode. Run a scan with all three programs and your problem should be fixed.


  • ive never heard of aug. . .

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