This song Kiss Me Thru The Phone by Soulja Boy..?

okay i was lookin up the lyrics and what does it mean when he says this part?..."Six, seven, eight, triple nine, eight, two, one, two" What does this mean? Thanks!

11 Answers

  • That's his phone number


  • ive known because it earlier, I cant undergo in concepts the selection yet there's a recording. i'm interior of country nonetheless, and that i'm fantastically particular it is going to easily artwork interior of country. it is not something to get labored up over, its only soulja boy asserting hi and thank you for calling

  • Lets all bomb soulja boys phone with this in 5 minutes


  • That's his phone number. 678-999-8212

  • I think he's saying his phone number

  • haha it is a phone Number and it actually works if you call it.

  • its his phone number. probably a spare phone number, but it is actually a real number.

  • Thats his phone number sweety...but all it is is a textin service that u have to pay for and sign up to...just another way that these young ballers are makin cheeez...keep doin wat u doin TellEm!!!!

  • its the phone number to his say now.

    CALL IT!

  • That song is stupid i don't like it &&& don't know don't care what that means

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