Tips for dads with a Guardian in litem?

A guardian in litem has been appointed for our custody case. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advise about a GAL. What should i suspect when he/sh come to my house and what should i tell her. PS i am a dad trying to get more custody. WE were ever married or dating really and i have every other weekend now. I have never missed picking up and he is my little buddy!

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  • Make sure your child has his own bedroom, and that your house is always clean! Don't have alcohol in your house..... don't swear around her. Make sure you don't live with any one with a criminal record or social service record.

  • The Guardian Ad Litem will inspect your home when she gets there. She will be checking for everyday common sense things. Is your home clean? Is there food in the fridge/cupboards? Is it child safe (ie no alcohol out or harmful things where child can reach them)? Does the child have their own bedroom, space, toys, etc? That's what they are looking for from the inspection portion of it. She will pay close attention to any part involving an accusation. If the mother makes an accusation that your house is filthy, then expect the GAL to pay close attention to the cleanliness of your home, for example.

    I have been through a GAL visit before. In our case it was a man. He came into the home, and since there were no accusations of abuse or neglect - the home inspection was very brief. He asked to see the child's room/playroom. He observed the child with me and my EX (we were together at the time and it was his child). He didn't make any written down notes, but he was taking mental notes of the interactions between us all. Did we have a good relationship with the child? Were we appropriate with the child? Did the child make any indications that we may not have been appropriate with him all the time? That sort of thing.

    Then he spent time with the child alone asking questions about his toys, his room, his life with us, etc. It was very informal with them playing in the playroom. It was a stressful time just because we did not know what to expect, but as far as the actual meeting with us - it went very well.

    The GAL will also meet with any care providers (doctors, psychiatrists, etc), with teachers if the child is in school, with daycare providers, etc. And with anyone that you or the mother have indicated you would like for them to meet with. Based on what they see all around, they will make a recommendation to the courts on what they believe would be in the best interests of the child. Most of the time, the court will go with what the GAL has recommended IF you and the mother cannot come to a mutual agreement of your own in mediation.

    Oh - and by the way. EX did get more time with his child by going this route if that gives you some peace of mind.

    Good Luck

  • It's a guardian ad litem 🙂

    You don't need to do anything but be honest and truthful. The GAL represents your son's interests; s/he's not out to get you. S/he is a neutral party just making sure that you're competent to take care of the boy when he's with you. I suppose a tip would be make sure your house is clean and you hide all your dirty magazines, make sure your knife collection is properly stowed away, things like that. The house needs to be something a child can live in without accidentally harming himself.

    I'm sure you're a great dad and it'll show to the GAL. Just be polite and honest!

  • The GAL will just be there to make sure the home environment is safe; to make sure the child has a stable routine; to make sure the child has no concerns as far as his environment or you and his mom.

    You can talk to the GAL about anything...your concerns about the custody agreement; upcoming meetings or court dates.

    The main job of the GAL is to do what is best for the child. He/she will be around to observe to see if you having more visitation with your child is really in his best interest. Just be open.

  • The effortless of father or mother advert litem is the lawyer represents the toddler. no longer particular why she went that course. you have a approved settlement in region, and the burden is on HER to show reason why it may be converted. It does now no longer sound as though she would manage to be waiting to stand up with any PROVABLE reason to take your rights or difference them. I zoom in on her "insane jealousy", which hits properly suited into her being bipolar. This comes from living with a daughter with bipolar, btw. This positively fits in the seen irrational pondering, a mildish factor of being delusional. all of us can be conscious of a character being psychotic or delusional in the event that they declare to look spiders on the wall whilst they do no longer exist. basically a splash greater durable in the event that they show anger or hostility without a valid reason. My daughter was additionally violent and aggressive.. ie PICKED fights over no reason in any be conscious of, and in her recommendations, it was reason to retaliate in the direction of everyone. submitting for toddler help isn't unreasonable usually, if she tries to overturn your custody or visitation, that is pointless legally. She demands to show the court docket which you're harming the toddler, whilst that's the incorrect way around. Bipolars are additionally rather precise in the drug and alcohol difficulty...they use it to self medicate, additionally shows extreme judgement matters. Am attempting to declare that her submitting in opposition to you, to me, is a brilliant indicator of psychological instability. no longer maximum the toddler help in spite of if the retaliatory nature of this. you're able to make everyone worried conscious of her analysis, simply by fact the instability of her difficulty.

  • know the children's teachers, doctors, dentists all that stuff - know when their last exam was and what is coming up, what their grades are, always have the best interest of the children, do NOT demean the ex in any way shape or form . . . my dad was my world when I was a child and my parents divorced, I knew when I grew up that my mom was the better 'parent' but it didn't matter to me when I was growing up - it was about the love . . . no matter what, love your children, do NOT EVER demean the ex in front of them and do you best. . . good luck

  • Just present the best you...and please make sure your house is clean.

  • i totally don't understand your question.

  • No.

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