Tolfedine 20 mg for cats to treat irritation, advice please!?

I posted a similar question earlier, but I know more people are online now and would like some input. I took my cat to the vet today for a suspected UTI. Vet said he doesnt think he has one but didnt get a urine sample. Anyway he thhinks possible behavior issues. He gave me a prescription for 20mg tolfedine, to give him one pill once a day for 4 days. He is a 9.9 pound, long lanky, male cat. Vet game me the meds for possible irritation in his urinary tract. It is an analgesic, anti inflamitory, non steroid. I have found info on giving cats a 6mg dose but not 20 mg. Is this a normal dose for cats? Also, due to food he ate he threw up yesterday and had runnyish poop twice within an hour, was in bed sick for about 5 hours, then got up and seemed fine. He hasnt really eaten much since so hasnt pooed, and he has been drinking water today and seems to pee normal. I think his belly is still sore and I dont want to give him the meds on an empty stomach. Am I right in doing this? He seemed fine this morning, and he was soo good at the vets, being a show off and purring and rubbing on the vet. but since getting home he seems to be not as active again. Any ideas? I am calling the vet tomorrow to check on the meds but would like some input if anyone has any. Thanks!!

Yes I think it must be for inflammation. And there are 2 other cats here a male and a female so that is where the behavior issues come in with the litter box. No he didnt have meds before getting sick (vomiting). I havent given him any meds yet. He got sick yesterday after eating the fancy feast my bf gave me for the cats. He had some the night before too with out getting sick but I think that plus the switching of his regular dry food is what caused the vomiting and diarrhea. I bought some royal canin at the vet today, for urinary health, and he had a small bit of it so far. Thanks for the advice it was helpful1 Oh yeah I think the medication is only available in Canada, under this name. And maybe UK.

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  • I'm not very familiar with tolfenamic acid (Tolfedine) - I don't thnk it's available for pets in the United States.

    I did look up the dose in Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook, which is the standard dosing guide used by veterinarians. 20mg would be an appropriate dose for your cat. 6mg would not be recommended unless the cat was only 3.3 pounds. Some vets may choose to prescribe a lower dose than what is recommended in Plumb, but it is not the standard dose.

    Had your cat gotten any of the medication before he threw up yesterday? If so, make sure to mention that to your vet when you call. Vomiting when a patient is also taking a NSAID can be very worrying.

    I don't know whether it's better to give him meds on a full stomach. Often it is recommend to dose NSAID medications with a meal, to reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal upset. It's possible it doesn't matter with Tolfedine - I don't know because I'm not familiar with the medicine. But I think it's a good plan to wait and call your vet tomorrow for clarification before you give him another tablet, especially since he threw up recently.

    As far as not getting a urine sample . . . it probably would have been better to get one and do a urinalysis, but the fact is that most young cats have completely normal urine. Infections are really uncommon in cats unless they are diabetic or in kidney failure or have some other disease that affects urine production. Most of the time peeing outside the litter box is caused by inflammation (but not infection) and/or a behavior problem where the cat for some reason finds the litter box unappealing. It's very common to treat these cats with anti-inflammatory meds similar to Tolfedine instead of using antibiotics.

  • I posted in your previous post but thought I would re paste it here in case you don't see it.

    One of my cats was having an issue with his kidneys and it started out very similar to what you are experiencing. I started him on Tripsy and he has been doing a lot better and bounced back very quickly.

    Tripsy is made from all natural ingredients for the treatment of most issues related to kidney ailments. Promotes healthy kidney function, fights infection and reduces discomfort while urinating. Helps your cat release urine and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Best of all it can be added to your cats water for easy administration. 1 bottle is a 3-month supply for most cats.

  • dose the cat up with steroids or morphine

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