toshiba tv wont turn off help?

i dont understand i had this tv for 2 yrs and now it wont turn off i press remote turn off nothing i thought battery change it same but then i went tv it self same deal i am scratching my head why now does anyone know what hell is wrong with this

2 Answers

  • The only thing that comes to mind is a possible shorted tact switch on the TV itself. The other possibility is a problem with the logic gate that the onboard on/off switch triggers. Both of these problems would require a professional service facility for repairs. This is only my evaluation. A hands-on analysis would be required for exact fix.

  • I labored with television for several years, and it might take many pages to provide an explanation for how to fix it. It can be the"tripler, the power provide board, the flyback transformer, the horizontal output transistor, and so on. In case you dont have abilities in electronics, you wont be capable to understand what's causing it. You can get a booklet on learn how to fix huge display, and start learning. Big screen are valued at learning fix on the grounds that they're so pricey. Technincian on the whole cost 300 bucks to repair one. Could later which you could cost them. Just right success!

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