Tracking USPS package without tracking number.?

I shipped a package from California to Florida around 8-9 days back through USPS. but at the time forgot to take a tracking number. now the receiver in Florida is saying that the package has not been delivered and that he wants the money back.

Is there anyway i can track whether the item is delivered or not without the tracking number?

Please help.


I dont have the receipt either but i do have the exact address with zip code.

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  • Here’s a wild guess. I would bet that the package was delivered and the buyer, being somewhat less than honest, is saying that it didn’t arrive. Now they want their money back. This is common when people who sell things online fail to protect themselves.

    Here is what you do. You can make a Lost Mail report here:… can’t do this until 14 days after the date of mailing. Tell the buyer that you are making this report to the Postal Inspectors. Also tell the buyer that they may be contacted by the Inspectors to get a sworn statement from them, stating that it was not delivered.

    Usually, if the buyer is running a scam, the package magically appears. Not too many people want to face a Postal Inspector. Certainly do make the report because there is just as much a chance that it was not received.

    Next time, use a confirmation service. Delivery Confirmation is less than a buck. Cheap insurance to be able to see if something has been delivered or not if you ask me.

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  • There is a way of tracking packages without a tracking number. You could apply for My USPS and be able to: See all of your inbound USPS packages without having to enter any tracking numbers, schedule delivery alerts, request redelivery, hold mail, and more.

  • Unfortunately, no. Best you can do is submit a “tracer” request through the post office. All that does is run a document through the route the package would’ve taken and each station looks for it. This has never turned up anything for me, since the package likely got mis-routed. the tracer would not follow the mis-route.

    Or, your recipient is lying to you. Either way, if the tracer reveals nothing, you may have to pay up. I’ve lost a computer because someone didn’t put a tracking number on it.

  • Did not write down the last two digit can I still track the package

  • 03192016 – I just returned from the post office – they store your receipt online for 6 months – it takes 30 days for your package to be classified as missing

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