True or False: Corporations are owned by shareholders?

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  • True

  • There are two types of corporations. One is a public corporation and the other one is a private corporation.

    Public corporation have lots of shareholders and its shares are traded in the stock exchange. Microsoft, IBM, Sears, Starbucks are some of the largest public corporations.

    Private corporation has only a few shareholders. The shares of the privately owned corporation are not traded in the stock exchange. The transfer of these shares are restricted because more often than not, the shareholders of a privately owned corporation are owner/operators.

    To be one of the owners of a large corporation, all you have to do is to buy some share through a stock broker. You can control a large corporation if you have the money to acquire a large portion of its outstanding shares.

    If you want to learn more about corporation, you can borrow a “Business Law” book from the library and read the chapter – Corporation.

  • Corporations Are Owned By

  • Lets define shareholder first… I think we’re mixing definitions up.

    Shareholders can just be common owners of businesses, or owners of PUBLIC businesses, meaning businesses that offer their stocks in Nasdaq, S&P, Dow, etc… these, yes, are corporations.

    I can still own a private business with myself as the only owner and call that a corporation.

  • Sometimes they can be but for the most part they are not. They are owned by several people and have to list their company as a corporation due to regulations and laws.

  • True

  • true


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