Trying to call an Australian cell phone number?

I have an international calling card and I’m trying to call a cell phone in Australia. I’ve tried all sorts of different number combinations and its still not working! The first few digits of the cell phone are 04025…I’ve heard that I’m supposed to replace the ’04’ with the country code. Does anyone know how this works?

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  • Hi, you are using an international calling card. Where are you calling from? Are you calling from within Australia? If you are calling from within Australia, after dialing the necessary code, the phone number you dial will be 0011(international dialing code) + 61(country code)+ 4025……(handphone number without the 0) You do not need area code for handphone connection.

    If you are calling from outside Australia, you will have to dial the international dialing code for the country you are in, followed by as above example.

    This is how to contact mobile numbers in Australia.

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  • if your friend’s cell phone number is for example 0429828671, try to call by dropping the front 0 and add +61.

    Thats mean is +61429829671. + means 0011, international code. 1 means australia code. I think it will work because my friends are doing this frequently.

  • U must fone the card company, when they ask you to dial the number type 00 or woteva the int. code is where u r (it’s 00 in the UK) then 61 then the number BUT remove the first digit. Hope this helps. Also its a mobile so 4get about the different states having different codes.

  • when i call the usa it is 00 111 4 and so on and my friends call me and say this is the number they use Australian code is 0011 613 405294624 lol and thats my phone number ai 😉 if it dosnt work try 613 405294624

  • australian country code is 61

    and you still need to add another area code

    sydney is 2, melbourne is 3, i’m not sure about the others

    so if you friend is in melbourne, you dial +613 4025..

  • I think u type 614 and drop the first zero on the number so if the number is 0400 000 000 u call 614 400 000 000. I hope this is correct anyway. Good luck 🙂

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