Trying to find a 16th birthday present for my daughter, any ideas?

She already has an ipod, cell phone, and laptop. Jewelry and clothes isn’t an option either, know anything that she might enjoy?

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  • I know you said no jewelry, but how about something that would be considered an heirloom down the road. My parents gave me a diamond solitaire necklace for my 16th bday, and it made it seem special and like it would last forever, which it has. I still wear it.

    Or if not that, how about some concert tickets to an upcoming concert she might enjoy?

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Trying to find a 16th birthday present for my daughter, any ideas?

    She already has an ipod, cell phone, and laptop. Jewelry and clothes isn't an option either, know anything that she might enjoy?

  • Cd’s


    Digital camera

    For my 16th im getting a small tattoo

    Driving Lessons

    Throw Her A Suprise Party

  • beach towel

    bath towel or maybe a piece of luggage (She should pick it out.) If that piece of luggage works out, you could go back to get another to hide away until Christmas.

    The reason I say bath towel or luggage is that she’s reaching the age when there may be out-of-town events for organizations she’s in. There were when I was a teen…church youth group, math club conference, Distributive Education convention, singing competitions, etc. Sometimes we had to take our own towels. Also, it won’t be long until she may start looking at colleges.

    Another thing is to arrange for a color analysis (see Color Me Beautiful website). There are many companies that do that. It’s too bad you said no clothes because you could take her shopping for dressy sandals in either silver or gold. There are lots of sales on sandals this time of year. These would be versatile for a couple of years of school dances.

    Hope you find something you like.

  • well u could get her money

    so she can buy what ever she likes

    or u can get her tickets to a concert

    maybe like a spa day or a party for her friends and maybe a party at a amusment park or a hotel

    a car

    a flat screen tv

    a trampoline

    an Iphone

    a swimming party

    a huge party with a balloon arch and stuff

    gift cards

    bedroom decorations

    a shopping spree

    a makeup kit

    hope this helps

  • I just had my 16th birthday monday and I got a phone but sounds like you are set there. How about a trip like to a near city for a day like a mini vacation to get away from the town you live in. I would really like that or get her something for her room like new pillows or a blanket or pictures.

  • That sounds fun! I would love to do something like that! But come on you live in New york (I dream of living there some day) you can catch a broadway show (which I will be doing for my 16th) or shop in the boutiques the world is your oyster where you live and she wants to go to california? Sounds fun! But I would rather see a show and shop. But I guess she can do the hollywood tours.


    That sounds like so much fun! I think that would be a wonderful gift. But I don’t know. . . I think if her friends are paying for their trip themselves then I would consider it. Because I don’t want to sound selfish or mean or anything, but I’d rather pay for the family than her friends because I don’t really think I’d like to spend a couple hundred on her friends. I’d rather spend it on a nice dinner with the family in California, shopping, etc. Also, is it alright in your budget? Can your family afford it? If so I think it’s great, with the exception of whether or not her friends are paying for themselves or not.

  • Things from Tiffany’s are memorable and pretty. They are jewellry, and go with anything she’ll wear. 16 year old love them…

    you can order it off the internet……

    or you can take her out for a day to the spa,

    or book her a holiday to go with her friends as a surprise..

    or a surprise party

    or a picnic

    or a disco

    or a party at a nightclub for under 16’s

    or you could let her do something which she has been wanting to do or get for ages, or something that only people 16 and over can do…

    hope i helped

  • Well on My Super Sweet Sixteen they always cosy up to the Daddy and tell him I love you and can I have Porsche please and give the Mom a hard time about what dress to wear and the highly successful band that has to be hired so maybe you should look at some cars or Cartier stuff – I’m going to ax for a Beamer myself.

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