Tumblr Model Names?!?!?

Hey! I am writing a fanfiction and I need a girl for the character!

I need some names of Tumblr models! Preferably 21 and under.

They girl in the story is supposed to be 17-18ish.

I want people like Cara Delevigne! Not in looks, just having like her in modeling. I know I am super confusing, sorry about that, I hope you understand what I am trying to say 🙂 .

Please help me! Thanks!

(I had no clue what category to put this in, oh well!)

4 Answers

  • Barbara Palvin - Famous on tumblr like Cara

    Alena Shishkova - She's hot and blonde, not as famous as Barbara and Cara on tumblr but she is ocassionaly mentioned

    Emily Didonato - American, brunette, blue eyes popular on tumblr

    Candice Swanepoel - Like 40% of the tumblr model pics are of her l o l

    Magdalena Frackowiak - Polish and gorgeous like the rest of them

  • Tumblr Models Names

  • Acacia Brinley she's not really a model but she's really pretty and she started off on tumblr too

  • Their is lots of famous ones but if you want some that aren't that famous there is Tristen Lewis

    Instagram; Tristen_Lewis14

    Facebook; Tristen Lewis

    she has black hair and hazel eyes.

    There is also Jasmine Rodriguez

    Instagram; Jasmine_lovato14

    She has red hair and dark brown eyes.

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