Typical Spanish facial Features?

What are the most typical facial features of spaniards. I know that each area tends to differ and they could range from light to dark skinned and haired. But what is the most typical facial features?

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  • I am Spaniard and although surprised you, there aren´ t typical Spaniards,

    there are with red hair, Brown, blonde .... Such as spanish selection as there are with blue eyes and brown ( Llorente, Villa)

    it is true that there are more percentages of people with brown eyes than blue as in the north Europe.

    for example in my class at school in 25 people 10 had clear eyes, the people in spain is the same.

    I am a 100% Spaniard boy normal 23 years (spring)





  • Typical Spanish Face

  • Stereotypical russian facial features include: - Round/Square face shape - Strong Jawline or more prominent - Thin but strong nose - Blue/grey cat like eyes - Fuller Lips - Hair colour varies - More of a golden tone to skin colour than a pinkish undertone.

  • tanned olive skin, light brown eyes and dark hair colour. Dominicans and Cubans mostly look half black/white, Mexicans and other centre americans look half white/natives and places like Peru they tends to look more native. a lot rly light skinned mexicans may came from a Germanic background.

  • Young spanish men 1;76 cm eyes and hair brown.

    Mayority white skin, loo the video


  • They look French, but with darker skin (not usually pale like French people).

    Please answer mine?


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